NISCO‘s 1st Delivery of Pipeline Steel to EEW,A World-renowned Pipe Factory

Time: 2019-05-20   Author: 匿名   Times of Browsing: 6107

威尼斯电玩城游戏下载After more than one year’s efforts, NISCO is rewarded with a pipeline steel supply contract with EEW Malaysian factory in earlier days. For the first time, NISCO has a chance to directly supply pipeline steel to a world-renowned pipe factory.

Headquartered in Germany, EEW owns 9 production lines around the world with a total annual capacity of about 1 million tons. EEW is the world leading pipe manufacturing expert with advanced submerged arc welding technology and a high-quality customer with huge cooperation potentials.

Before this Contract with NISCO, EEW has never purchased products from Chinese steel makers, all its raw material of for pipe making come from the steel plants in Europe, Japan and Korea. The main partners of EEW include Dillingen, JFE, POSCO and other world-renowned steel plants.

威尼斯电玩城游戏下载Nanjing Iron and Steel Group International Trade Co., Ltd. contacted with EEW initiatively and visited its factory in Malaysia to introduce the product quality and delivery advantages of NISCO, and actively promoted the second party certification by EEW, which has increased EEW’s confidence in NISCO pipeline steel products. Finally, the first pipeline steel order is confirmed between NISCO and EEW Malaysia Factory.

NISCO’s successful delivery of pipeline steel to EEW will bring itself up to the platform to compete with world-renowned steel plants and establish its brand and enhance its product popularity in the international market. In the future, NISCO will have more steel grades with higher quality applied to EEW projects.