• Mr. Huang Yixin


  • Mr. Zhu Ruirong

    Deputy Chairman

  • Mr. Huang Yixing, Mr. Zhu Ruirong, Mr. Wang Qunbin, Mr. Wang Can, Mr. Tang Bin, Mr. Zhang Houlin, Mr. Wu Qining, Mr. Tao Po and Mr. Su Bin

    Board Directors

  • Mr. Yang Siming

    威尼斯电玩城游戏下载Chairman of the Supervisory Committee

  • Mr. Yang Siming, Mr. Chen Chunlin and Mr. Zhang Liuxi


  • Mr. Huang Yixin


  • Mr. Tao Po

    Secretary of Party Committee & Discipline Inspection Committee

  • Mr. Huang Yixin and Mr. Zhang Liuxi

    Deputy Secretary of The Party Committee

  • Mr. Zhang Liuxi

    Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee & Chairman of the Labor Union

  • Mr. Su Bin

    威尼斯电玩城游戏下载Vice President

  • Mr. Qian Shunjiang

    威尼斯电玩城游戏下载Vice President & Chief Accountant